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Rambo Robot Mayhem Rambo Robot Mayhem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wa, this game is awesome. Best game I ever played! So fun! I was spending hours on this game. Can't believe flash game can react this quality! thegames8 is the best!

Damn it! Holy fucker you bullshit #@$@$EW#%#$

I realized the same with GoldenChorizo from very early and got a check, someone did mention this thegames8 guy on forum but no one care, they even said because "we" vote for his games so they deserve the rewards. I though those guys are so stupid but then funny that I even felt a bit afraid of trying against thegames8, the reason is maybe he will zero bomb me, Well, and the older ones of this place are so full of themselves and their friends to care about other things.

But right now I don't care anymore, this guy is fucking pissing me. Well, thank God it seems he didn't zero bomb anyone. Congrats for your daily feature thegames8, fucking cheater.